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STOCKmotion filmfestival,Antingen Eller

by | Posted 15 October, 2017 | News
STOCKmotion filmfestival, Antingen Eller film Swedish Film Premiere Stockmotion Film Festival Filmhuset! STOCKmotion filmfestival, Fantastic nice fest

STOCKmotion film festival Antingen Eller and FATE-Ödet

by | Posted 8 October, 2017 | News
STOCKmotion Film Festival at Filmhuset Stockholm oktober 2017 FATE – ÖDET, Three young people in three different families and one lone bird.

STOCKmotion filmfestival, Antingen – Eller

by | Posted 2 October, 2017 | News
Either Or at STOCKmotion filmfestival Antingen – Eller 14 oktober filmhuset i Stockholm Nu är det klart vilka filmer som tagits ut till årets

Either Or Official selection

by | Posted 30 August, 2017 | News
Either Or, Official selection Stockmotion film festival 2017